WHAT IS EN 15838?

Customer contact centers (CCCs) have an important role in the interaction between organizations and their customers. EN 15838 is the standard that sets out service requirements for contact centers irrespective of the service sector with a focus on the operational aspects of running a contact centre. The standard applies to both in-house customer contact centers as well as outsourced centers.

Implementing the standard should improve both customer service and business success. It is designed to achieve customer, staff and stakeholder satisfaction. It should create a culture of continuous improvement and foster increased understanding of the value of the customer contact centre.

It would be especially beneficial for CCCs that don’t always live up to the customers’ expectations, as it can help address problems such as long queuing times, failure to answer queries promptly and efficiently and impersonal treatment.

Customer contact centers (CCC) have an important role in the interaction between the organization purchasing the CCC service and their customers.

was developed in response to European Commission mandate M/378. The Mandate states that the goal of the standard is to provide quality of service requirements for contact centers, common to all centers, and irrespective of the service sector, technical approach to the provision of the service, or the service provider. The standard has been devised to benefit both of these types of contact centre and the customers who make use of their services.

The standard includes areas such as:

  • Management strategy and policy
  • Processes
  • Requirements for Contact Centre agents
  • Requirements for Infrastructure
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Social responsibility
  • Mandatory KPIs
  • Recommended KPIs
  • Best practice guidelines for client organizations
WHAT IS EN 15838