SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard – Internal Auditor Training

The objective is to impart knowledge & skills to enable delegates to plan, conduct & manage internal audits of Social Accountability Management System based on SA 8000.

Course Objectives

The essential objective of this course is to refresh and/or review the structure & basic requirements of SA 8000 & enable the company employees to plan & conduct the internal audit to improve the effectiveness of SAMS & add value to the organization. It also helps people to get an opportunity to enhance their auditing skills & demonstrate compliance to the standard’s requirement.

Course Features

The course is highly interactive, not only with reference to answering queries, but also sharing the experience and includes series of lectures with individual/syndicate exercises for better learning.

Who should attend?

  • Delegates who wish to become competent internal auditor for SAMS
  • Delegates implementing SAMS in their organization
  • Consultants of SAMS

Course Contents

  • Introduction to SA 8000, its development
  • Business benefits of SAMS implementation
  • Overview of basic requirements of SA 8000:2014 & its interpretation (Purpose & scope of the standard, Important Terms & definitions, Social accountability requirements & its application referring to applicable local legal requirements)
  • SAMS documentation & implementation
  • Introduction to auditing : definition, types of audits
  • Phases of audit : audit planning & preparation, audit performance & review, audit follow-up  audit reporting
  • Auditor attributes, competence & evaluation
  • Individual / Syndicate exercises
  • Course summary
  • Written examination.

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