ISO 50001 Energy Management System Awareness Training

When doing the energy saving work, the person(s) on behalf of the organization must have enough knowledge and skill to know how to save the energy with regard to the working condition of the machines or equipment. In addition to that, the person(s) should find the chances to reduce the energy wasted. The person(s) need(s) a special training that helps them identify significant energy uses such as:

  • Safety, and communication skills
  • The knowledge relevant to the type of the industry that they are working on
  • The knowledge of the working principles of the equipment, e.g. boilers
  • Doing research on the energy saved, and presenting it by dollars

The organization should be ensuring that any person(s) working for or on its behalf are aware of:

a) The importance of conformity with the energy policy, procedures and the requirements of the EnMS

b) Their roles, responsibilities and authorities in achieving the requirements of the EnMS

c) The benefits of improved energy performance

d) The impact, actual or potential, with respect to energy use an consumption, of their activities and how their activities and behavior contribute to the achievement of energy objectives and targets, and the potential consequences of departure from specified procedures

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