ISO 50001 Consultancy Service

The Energy Management Standard ISO 50001  provides a framework to help organisations embed energy management best practice into their day-to-day operations, through the development of an Energy Management System.

This service can identify and design engineered solutions that will improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. This service also assists the clients with full design, development and implementation as well as on-going maintenance and development of either a stand-alone or integrated Energy Management System.

Energy Management Systems consultancy services include:

  • gap analysis audit;
  • system integration e.g. ISO 27001;
  • energy policy;
  • Energy Management System documentation and templates;
  • legislation register completion and evaluation of compliance services;
  • monitoring and measurement activities;
  • awareness training and communication;
  • internal auditor training;
  • setting of objectives, targets and programmes; and
  • certification audit support.

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