ISO 10002 Internal Auditor Training

ISO 10002 Internal Auditor Training course provides a solid foundation in all aspects of the audit process. Delegates are taken through a structured programme that includes a balance of theory and practice using a combination of workshops and practical exercises enabling them to gain an understanding of the key activities for auditing and the ISO10002.

Who should attend?

  • Those who looking for an understanding of the Standard requirement ISO10002 and want to have basic work experience in customer service and complaints handling
  • Those responsible for performing an internal audit about Customer Satisfaction Management System in their organization

ISO 10002 Internal Auditor Training Structure

A series of workshops and presentations on topics including:

  • History and Background
  • Driving Force for establishing a Customer Satisfaction Management System
  • ISO10002 requirements interpretation and exercises
  • Audits in principle and practice
  • Management Review – data analysis and improvement

ISO 10002 Internal Auditor Training Benefits to Your Business

  • Improve the reputation, credibility and image of the organization
  • Improve customer trust and satisfaction with your products and services
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention through empowerment and recognition

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