How to get ISO 22000 certification?

Introduction of ISO 22000 Certification

Food Safety means adequate controls on presence of food based hazards in food at the time of its consumptions. Food safety is not single stage controls but is combined efforts of all the party participating in the food chain, this includes feed producers, primary producers through manufacturer, transporter, store operator, wholesalers, retailers, caterers, food service outlets and producers of equipments, packaging materials, cleaning agents, additives & preservatives & ingredients and service providers. Even this includes pesticides, fertilizers and veterinary drugs. Successful implementation of FSMS helps the organisation to prevent problems like presence of microbes, toxins and adulteration etc. before its occurrence & suggest corrective action.


Key Elements of FSMS ISO 22000 Certification:

  • Interactive Communication:Effective communication is essentials to ensure that all possible hazards are duly identified & adequately controlled at each step within the food chain.
  • System Management: Compatible with ISO 9001
  • Prerequisites Programmes: (PRPs)
  • HACCP Principles: HACCP Plan


Principals: ISO 22000 Certifications

  1. Hazard Analysis: Biological, chemical & physical.
  2. Identify CCP: Identify Critical Control Point of food Chain.
  3. Controls: Establishment of critical control points and preventive measures thereon.
  4. Monitoring of CCP.
  5. Ascertain Corrective Actions.
  6. Records Keeping.
  7. Third Party Audit


How can I prepare for certification?  

The process described in ISO 22000 includes the following steps:

  • Identify, evaluate, and control the food safety hazards that may be expected to occur in order to avoid harming the consumer directly or indirectly
  • Communicate appropriate information through the food chain regarding safety issues related to the product
  • Communicate information concerning development, implementation, and updating of the food safety management system throughout the organisation
  • Evaluate periodically and update, when necessary, the food safety management system to cover the company’s actual activities and the most recent information on food safety hazards
  • Development, implementation, and certification of a food safety management system is a continuous journey, with the independent audit representing one element of the total assessment process.


BEK Consultancy offers a well-defined and globally proven implementation methodology for ISO 22000 Food safety management system certification.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training
  • Hazard analysis and risk analysis
  • Documentation Design and finalization
  • Implementation
  • Internal Auditor Training and conduct of internal audit
  • Management Review Meeting
  • Review of Implementation
  • Pre-assessment audit
  • Stage 1 – certification audit
  • Stage 2 – certification audit
  • Award of ISO 22000 / HACCP certification
  • Continual improvement of the system through value added consulting and training services

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